Calathea Plant Care: Tips And Tricks For A Flourishing Indoor Garden

Why does my Calathea have brown tips on the Leaf Edges?
Why does my Calathea have brown tips on the Leaf Edges? from


If you’re looking for a beautiful and low-maintenance plant to add to your indoor garden, look no further than the calathea. With its stunning foliage and unique patterns, the calathea is a popular choice for many plant enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore the best practices for calathea plant care to ensure that your plant thrives in your home.

Choosing the Right Location

The calathea plant prefers indirect light, so it’s best to place it in a spot with plenty of natural light but not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch the plant’s leaves and cause it to wilt. You can also place the calathea in a room with low to medium light levels.

Humidity is Key

Calathea plants love humidity, and it’s essential to keep the air around them moist. You can mist the leaves with a spray bottle, or you can place a tray of water near the plant to increase humidity levels. If you live in a dry climate, you may want to consider investing in a humidifier to keep your calathea healthy.

Watering Your Calathea Plant

One of the most important aspects of calathea plant care is watering. These plants prefer moist soil, but not waterlogged soil. It’s best to water your calathea when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. Be sure to use room temperature water, as cold water can shock the plant’s roots.

Fertilizing Your Calathea

Calathea plants don’t require much fertilizer, but you can give them a boost during the growing season (spring and summer). You can use a balanced liquid fertilizer every four to six weeks. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package, as over-fertilizing can be harmful to your plant.

Pruning Your Calathea

It’s essential to prune your calathea regularly to ensure that it stays healthy and attractive. You can remove any dead or yellowing leaves, as well as any leaves that are damaged. Be sure to use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to prevent damage to the plant.

Common Calathea Plant Problems

While calathea plants are relatively low-maintenance, they can still experience some issues. One of the most common problems is brown leaf tips, which can be caused by low humidity levels or over-fertilization. If you notice brown tips on your calathea’s leaves, try increasing humidity levels or reducing fertilizer use.


With the right care, your calathea plant can thrive in your home for years to come. Remember to keep it in a spot with indirect light, increase humidity levels, water it regularly, and prune it when necessary. By following these tips, you can enjoy the beauty of a healthy calathea plant in your indoor garden.

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